First day, first impression

Starting a new job can be very stressful. Especially when you are trying to figure out what to wear on your first day. Everyone wants to make the best first impression on their employers and coworkers. Fortunately, picking out outfits is my favorite thing to do so this process is always fun for me. Today was my first day at my new job and after hours of putting different outfits together, I finally decided on this one! Word of advice to everyone.. Dress how you want others to perceive you :). It really does make a difference in how people will treat and view you.



Who says work attire can’t be fun and fashionable?

Sometimes buying professional work clothes can seem like a drag because they are not what some of us consider “fun clothes”. A majority of us would rather spend our money on a cute pair of casual shorts, or a new Lululemon outfit if you are addicted to their adorable workout attire like I am. Whether we like it or not, when you are in the real world it is important to look professional and dress classy. However, looking professional does not mean that you have to dress in all neutrals and wear skirts down to your ankles. Thankfully, there are many looks to choose from that are colorful, classy, and appropriate for work. There is no reason why you can’t have fun with your work clothes and wear things that match your bright personality! Always remember the saying,”Look sharp, be sharp”. Here are some examples of professional outfits that are very fun and fashion forward!


Internationally Fashionable

Sorry that I have not blogged in a while. I have been studying abroad in Italy and Greece! One of the main differences I noticed while I was the way the Europeans dress. While in Europe I noticed that the everyday street fashion is a lot different from ours. They dress to impress wherever they go, even if it is just to go grab a quick espresso. Their version of a casual outfit consists of a scarf, baggy but classy jeans or parachute pants,and a loose fitting sweater. It is very rare to see someone walking around in shorts and a T-shirt. Another major thing I noticed was that they only dress in neutrals. Bright colors are not a part of their wardrobe. I didn’t really realize this until I was walking around one day with a hot pink jacket on and  was getting looks from everyone that passed by. I asked my professor why I was receiving all of the looks and he told me it was because of my brightly colored outfit and that bright colors are not considered “normal” for Europeans. The more I explored Europe, the more I realized that my professor was correct and that Europeans do not want to stand out when it comes to fashion. They dress very fashionable but they dress very similar to every other fashion forward person walking down the street. I found this very interesting because it is totally opposite of how we view and show our fashion in the U.S. It was really interesting to see how two different countries have many similarities and differences in fashion and what is considered “normal”. Below is my favorite kind of everyday European outfit that many of the female locals wear!

polka dot

Necklaces and Necklines

This is such a wonderful tool when you need to find that accessory piece that compliments your neckline!

The Perfect casual summer outfit

Perfect casual summer outfit
I love this outfit because is cute, classy, and casual. It’s the perfect outfit for a summer day when you don’t want to get dressed up but you still want to look fashionable! Even though this is a very simple outfit, it is still bright, fun, and looks very put together.